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When you decide to dive into the realm of online trading, you will notice how many platforms provide such services. One of the most possible questions is choosing a reliable one. Users have their criteria for choosing a suitable platform, such as benefits and usability.

First of all, users consider the issue of depositing and withdrawing funds. The online trading platform Binomo offers the most convenient methods for them. After reading this overview, we are sure that you will agree with that as well.

Binomo deposit methods

deposit & withdrawal binomo

One of the most famous features of binomo.com is its user-friendly service. Due to this, the deposit and withdrawal processes include many payment methods and options that you can choose from.

On both mobile and web versions, the deposit methods of Binomo are really practical to find. On the web version, the deposit methods on the page “Cashier” – “Deposit”. On the mobile, it is the “Make a deposit” button.

Deposit options on Binomo include bank cards and e-wallets such as Visa, MasterCard, Advcash, WebMoney, Perfect Money, etc. However, the platform doesn’t cooperate with the Paypal payment system.

Minimum deposit

The minimum deposit on Binomo is sufficient to make the following statement: For those who would like to use Binomo for online trading, the minimum deposit is $10, or the equivalent in the currency you selected upon registration. Except for India, where the minimum deposit is $5.


How to withdraw money from Binomo?

After you have got additional income from trading, the next step is to withdraw funds. The payment methods you used to make a deposit are also valid for withdrawing funds from Binomo. This aims to keep both processes safe.

Instructions on how can we withdraw money from Binomo:

  1. Select the tab “Cashier” (“Balance” in the mobile version) from the menu.
  2. Сlick the “Withdraw funds” button. 
  3. Enter the amount and select a payment method as the withdrawal method.
  4. Fill in the required information and click “Request withdrawal”.

While your withdrawal request is being processed, you can continue trading on Binomo. The withdrawal proof will be the receipt of the specified amount on your bank card or e-wallet.


Binomo sets some withdrawal conditions, for example, limits:

  • You can withdraw no more than 3,000$ per day.
  • Weekly withdrawals are limited to 10,000$.
  • The monthly withdrawal limit is 40,000$ or the equivalent of the currency of your country.

However, some payment systems that have their withdrawal policy may set different limits.

There is a minimum withdrawal amount of 10$ or the equivalent of the currency of your country.


Under the terms of Binomo, withdrawal of money takes up to 3 working days. Sometimes the withdrawal time can exceed three days. It is important to remember that these terms depend on the payment methods you use and the status of your Binomo account. The minimum cash withdrawal from Binomo is 10$.

Note! Sometimes Binomo asks traders to verify their identity. During verification, the withdrawal process will be stopped.



To avoid any “unknown” details, users should be aware of the terms and policies that Binomo uses.

One of them states that the client is solely responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the data entered in his withdrawal request. So, ensuring the process by making sure it is the amount that you had thought while you were typing it in as you are making a request is important.

As another attention, Binomo reveals that the time of the withdrawal depends on your payment method. Therefore, the platform is rightfully not responsible for any delay that occurs possibly. 

These were stated as examples. If you would like to get more information about these, which we recommend, you should read the withdrawal conditions that are located in the Client Agreement on Binomo to be more aware of the processes you are involved in.


help center binomo

The platform does its best to answer any questions you may have. The site has a Help Center section, where the methods of depositing and withdrawing funds are described in detail. For example, here you can find out how to deposit with a non-personalized card, or if there are withdrawal fees. You can also contact support if you have any issues: support@gmail.com or via chat.


In this review, we have covered how to deposit and withdraw funds from Binomo. As you can see, there is nothing complicated. We advise you to study the conditions for depositing and withdrawing money from Binomo so that the process goes smoothly.

Also, it is always important to be aware of the risks that trading has. These risks involve losing the deposit partly or totally. If you are ready to take on the risks associated with trading, ready to increase your skills, then feel free to join Binomo.

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